Travertine pool patio installed by Green Nature Landscape Design in Morris County, NJ.

Travertine pool patio installed by Green Nature Landscape Design in Morris County, NJ.

From walkways and patios to pool decks and flooring for outdoor kitchens, nothing provides character to a home like travertine pavers. made of gorgeous 100% cut stone, travertine pavers are the quickest, most convenient way to get the hardscaping features you want - and the designs are nearly limitless!

Quality travertine pavers are the backbone of any hardscaping project. They’re elegant, interlocking stones that are perfect for outdoor use. Their slip resistant surfaces - even when wet - make them the material of choice for high-traffic or high-moisture areas, like pool decks. They’re durable too – freeze-thaw resistant, and won’t break apart during harsh winters like lesser stones do. In the summer, travertine pavers cool easily, even in the hot sun, keeping your feet comfortable during seasonal scorchers.

But the best thing about travertine pavers is their looks. They’re available in a wide range of colors, can be installed in a variety of decorative patterns, and are guaranteed not to fade. They’re even available in custom finishes: tumbled, chiseled edge, or antique.

Homeowners can also rest easy about their decision to hardscape with travertine – pavers maintain their quality and looks for decades, making them worth the investment. And if a home already has hardscaping, under certain conditions, travertine pavers can easily be installed over existing stonework. Easy to afford, and easy to implement, travertine pavers are a win-win.

Bring the allure of natural travertine pavers to your property with the help of Green Nature Landscape Design, one of New Jersey’s premier installers of professional landscape and hardscapes. They have everything you need for a more beautiful property. For a free estimate, call Green Nature Landscape Design at (888) 933-8445, or visit their website at